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Gym Etiquette: what to do & what NOT to do.

1 Jan

rules of the gym

I recently got a request from a Lucky13’er to write a blog post about gym etiquette.  I thought it was a great topic, and what better time to address something so important than the New Year.  January 1st brings the biggest influx of new members to the fitness world, full of ambition to fulfill their resolutions of getting fit.  Whether you are brand new or a seasoned vet at the gym, this post is for you.  My goal here today is to inform/remind folks of the often unspoken gym etiquette.  Read and heed!

The “DO NOT” list:

1) DO NOT sweat all over any type of equipment without properly and immediately cleaning it.

I am a firm believer that a GOOD workout means a SWEATY workout, so I’m definitely not telling you to refrain from sweating.  However, once you are done using a piece of equipment WIPE IT DOWN.  Be sure to use the cleaning solution and/or towels provided by the gym.  People hit the gym to get fit, not to get ringworm.  There shouldn’t be a trail of sweat behind you during your workout.

2) DO NOT sit on a piece of equipment while resting between sets.

Unless you are in a private training studio, you are likely sharing the equipment with many other patrons who want to get their workout done in a timely manner.  If you are doing multiple sets using one piece of equipment, do not occupy it while you rest.  Get up and allow others to use it while you’re not.  You can even let someone else know you’re planning on returning in a minute by saying something like “I have 2 more sets left but you’re welcome to work in with me”.

3) DO NOT drop or slam weights.

If you can not put the weight down properly, then don’t pick it up in the first place.  Trust me, nobody else appreciates or cares that you can drop heavy things repeatedly.  If you’re trying to gain strength, find a spotter to help you lift heavy.

4) DO NOT talk/text on your cell phone.

This coincides well with #2.  Do not, under any circumstances, take a rest between sets and strike up a conversation on your cell while occupying a piece of equipment.  This accomplishes one thing- establishing yourself as “THAT guy/girl” in the gym.  You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who wants to “work in with you” on your sets after that.

5) DO NOT do what the guy/girl next to you is doing.

By this I mean, do not try to duplicate the exercises that people around you are performing.  This is for several reasons, the most important being your safety.  Not everyone in the gym knows what they’re doing; copying someone’s improper form can be a recipe for disaster.  Need another reason?  The person who you’re attempting to copy might be a very skilled & very fit.  So fit, in fact, that they could make a difficult exercise look easy as pie.  Incorrectly assuming you can do it just as well, only to pull/tear/break something is definitely not worth your while.

The Please DO list:

1) Please DO be courteous and respectful of those working out around you.

Let folks have their space and try not to cramp people’s style.  During peak hours, the gym can get very crowded but it makes all the difference when everyone is attempting to be respectful of other patrons.

2) Please DO oblige if someone else asks you to spot them and you can safely do so.

If the load is too heavy or you do not know how to correctly spot someone, now is NOT the time for trial and error.  Simply let the person know that you don’t think you can do it safely.  They will be happy you did.  If you CAN safely spot them, take  a second out of your own routine to do so.  Why? There’s this thing called karma…..

3) Please DO return all equipment to its proper “home” in the gym.

Pick up heavy things & put them back down…..but do so in the proper place.  There’s nothing worse than reaching for the 30lb dumbbells and instead finding 65lbs instead.  Re-rack all plates, barbels & dumbbells when you’ve finished using them.  Put away medicine balls, tubing, mats, jump ropes, etc. after your workout.  Take it from me- the gym staff will like you a LOT better if you do!

4) Please DO remember to clean up after yourself.

I realize I’ve mentioned cleanliness several times already, but I can not stress this enough.  The gym is not yours to sweat all over; it is a public, shared space that should be clean for all patrons.  Clean up your dripping sweat, put your sweat-soaked towels in the proper bins, and take all of your belongings home with you.

5) Please DO consult a certified trainer if you have questions about proper form.

Instead of watching those around you & trying to mimic their routines, ask a trainer your questions.  Yes, 99% of the time it will cost extra money, but paying for a safe and effective program is well worth it.


MONSTER MONDAY Workout Challenge

19 Sep

HAPPY MONDAY everyone!!  A quick post for you this morning before I head to do my own workout.  Monday is my strength training day and I’m lifting with a personal trainer friend of mine.  She has created a program for us that scares the crap out of me and excites me to no end… all at the same time!!!  This is what I’m up against this morning:


50 box jumps

50 jumping pull ups

50 kb swings

50 walking lunges

50 hanging knees to elbows

50 push press (bar)

50 back extension (floor)

50 wall ball shots

50 burpees

50 tuck jumps (squats if exhausted)

all done for time!

I am getting myself SUPER PUMPED up to do this in an hour or so!!! I will be making some small modifications to save my aching ankle (which I’ll fully explain later today in my Half Marathon Training update…)

I’ll be checking in later today to give you an update of how it goes!!!!  And please, by all means, try this out on your own and let me know what you think!!!!!

components of fitness: do you treat them equally?

14 Jul

There are several key components to fitness- cardiovascular exercise, strength/resistance training, flexibility- and everyone naturally gravitates to their favorite.  Some people love to do cardio; they want to run, bike, or swim for every workout and have little or no desire to do much else.  Others would gladly spend every day in the weight room, and consider a workout filled with lifting heavy to be a success.  Still others can be found in the group fitness rooms and private studios practicing Yoga and taking Pilates (and other similar) classes.  Personally, my poison is running.  For me, nothing compares to logging mile after mile and ending it soaked with sweat, enveloped by a Runner’s High.

 No matter which component we like best, most of the time we pay so much attention to one area that we end up neglecting other components of fitness.   You know what I’m talking about.  You could do your exercise of choice all day long, but it might take a friend and a large sum of money for you to consider doing the other things you don’t find to be “fun”.  We are all guilty of it. And we dont always realize how detrimental this is to our overall fitness level, and ability to perform at our best.

One of my favorite quotes that I write/say/think about often is “That which we resist persists.”  I apply it to so many situations in life, and this one is no exception.  The components of fitness which we ignore, put off, and neglect are those which will persistently find their way back into our lives.  Don’t like resistance training?  You won’t get that nice firm, toned look you’re going for….toning muscle means you need to HAVE some in the first place.   And that means lifting weights.  Loathe cardio workouts?  No matter how heavy you lift, nothing can replace the myriad benefits of raising your heart rate.  Don’t be surprised when you can’t make it up a few flights of stairs without huffing and puffing.   Can’t be bothered with stretching/flexibility?  Your range of motion, ability to move, and lift properly is going to be severely compromised.   When we ignore ANY component of fitness we are allowing ourselves to work in an inefficient manner, and ultimately are putting ourselves at risk for injury.   As if that’s not reason enough to start diversifying, giving attention to the less “fun” parts of fitness will make you better at what you love to do.   When I started incorporating more flexibility work into my routine, I was amazed to find that my running stride improved and I was even able to take some time off my mile. 

Bottom line: the core components of fitness are each important in their own right.  Each serve a unique purpose and all complement one another.  We may prefer one over the others but we owe it to our body to be creative and find a way to incorporate them ALL.  Sign up for a class, get a gym buddy, buy a pass to a Yoga studio, etc.    Give yourself a new challenge!

What component of fitness is your least favorite?  How do/will you incorporate it into your routine?

June Newsletter

6 Jun

The summer is finally here! After all the rain, gray days, cold spells and yucky weather, I think the sun is finally here to stay!
The days are longer, people are a bit more laid back and the vibe is just so chill.  At the same time, summer always brings me a new energy- a positive mental state that has me smiling and putting extra pep in my step.  I can’t help but be in a great mood on a gorgeous, sunny day.  No more bundling up and shoveling snow just to get out of the house.  Just slide on flip flops (or running shoes!) and go!! Its instant happy!
This energy undoubtedly transfers from my daily activities, to my job, to my relationships, and to my workouts.  I am in a positive state of mind, and ready to give 100% in everything I do.
The key is to keep it that way as much as possible, and maintain a healthy balance.  When something gets you off track, and sours your mood, stop and take a deep breath.  Think about how much ACTUAL irreversible damage this person/thing is causing your life.  Is it WORTH getting so upset about?  Stop and look out the window, let the sunshine warm you, and  breathe in new air.  Try as hard as you can to keep the negative energy OUT of your life.  Summer should be about being HAPPY and having FUN!

If you have not yet experienced my version of outdoor bootcamp, you are MISSING OUT.  Take your fitness to another level by participating in a SWEATFEST 1hr workout that will get you in shape. I promise.

Physically it will challenge your strength, endurance, flexibility and agility.  Mentally it will help you to push  past your comfort zone, break through your supposed limits, and achieve goals and expectations…it’ll make you dig DEEP to bring your BEST.  Most importantly- it will be FUN!  Your fellow Bootcampers will provide both motivation and a little competition to get you going in high gear!!  Show up once a week for an hour and BRING IT, and I promise to do the same.
Spots are limited and WILL fill up fast so email me at lucky13fitness@gmail.com to reserve your spot today! Come sweat it out with me!!!

What You’ll Get: Badonkadonk Bonanza- a 1hr per week Bootcamp-styled group fitness class that will get your BADONK tight and your life right, emails from ME to help keep you on track to meet your goals, the valuable motivation from your fellow bootcampers.
Where You’ll Get It: Nunziato Field, 22 Vinal Ave., Somerville, MA, 02143
When You’ll Get It: Sunday evenings 7-8pm ALL SUMMER LONG!!!
Cost: $25/session.  Pre-register for a month and SAVE $5 per session. Get 4 sessions for $80!!!

How much a month do you spend on new clothes? food/drinks? makeup? jewelry? lottery? $80/month on your health and wellness is WELL worth it!!   Make the commitment to yourself and get results you DESERVE!

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In The News
This past weekend I completed the Renegade Playground Challenge in Loudon, NH.  It is a 5k run with 25 crazyyyyy obstacles to conquer. Think mud, monkey bars, ladders, crawling in/around ropes, swamps, etc.  It was CRAZY!! It was most definitely a huge challenge and I was excited and proud to cross the finish line with my fellow Renegades.  This race is along the lines of the Tough Mudder, and Warrior Dash.  They are all incredible goals to work toward.  They give you a reason to train, and to push yourself FURTHER!  If you aren’t already signed up to take on a similar challenge this summer, i urge you to get a couple friends together and DO IT! It is so much fun!

Lots going on this month!
I am teaching THREE Bootcamp sessions per week:

Wednesday evenings 6-7pm – Beacon Hill Athletic Club, Brighton
Thursday Noon-1pm- Beacon Hill Athletic Club, Brighton **NEW**
Sunday evening 7-8pm- Nunziato Field, Somerville

Travel- This month I am lucky enough to travel to China! I am very excited for my first trip to Asia, and can’t wait to share stories and pictures with you when I return!

June 20-29th- gone to explore Asia…

BUT Badonkadonk Bonanza WILL HAPPEN!!!  My friend and wonderful fitness colleague Paige Crowther will be leading BB on Sunday June 26th. Paige has been a veteran of BB and is FULL of motivation and energy. I have full confidence that she will lead an amazing camp!!!!

Subs for Wed/Thurs bootcamp at BHAC are TBD. I will let you know as soon as I find out!

Whether you like the energetic environment of a group fitness class, the helpful motivation of working out with a friend or two, or the individualized attention of 1:1 training, I’ve got what works for you!  Let’s make 2011 your year- email me at lucky13fitness@gmail.com and lets get it startedddddd!!!!
Doesn’t matter if you live in Boston, Braintree, or beyond, we will make it work!!

Every newsletter I include music that helps to get my Badonk in motion during my workouts, and share it with you!  This month, I’m giving you a track that will keep your sweatfest going!!!

Marry The Night- Lady Gaga

This song, and actually the whole album are GREAT for working out.  She’s gotten some flak for this record but i LOVE it.  It gets me into a great groove on a long run.  Enjoy!
Persistence. Determination. DREAM IT, THEN DO IT!

Much love,

“To be your best, you gotta bring your best”

change is the only constant

6 Jun

“step out of your comfort zone”

“do one thing every day that scares you”

“change is the only constant”

If you know me, have read my previous blogs, view my Facebook page, or even have had an in-depth conversation with me, you’ll know that I LOVE QUOTES.  Motivational, inspirational, make-you-think-about-life kind of quotes.  There have been some pretty incredible things said by people who have walked this Earth.  There have been women and men who have summed their life experiences into a few powerful snippets of advice.   And when I hear a snippet that moves me, that rattles my soul, I always save it and write it down.

The 3 quotes that I used to start this post are quotes that I have run into over and over again in life. They have appeared everywhere, time and time again.  At first I wasn’t as captivated by these words as I was with other quotes.  They didn’t strike me as words to live by.  I sort of thought- well why change something if what you’re doing is working?  Why do something SCARY every day?? I’m afraid of spiders, family and friends getting sick, and car accidents.  I want to stay as FAR away from all those things as possible!  How can change be the only constant? Don’t people figure things out and then keep on keepin’ on??   This was my initial reaction to reading these quotes.

As the days of my life journey have unfolded and I have been blessed with more and more experiences and opportunities in life, I found myself going back and thinking about one quote in particular- the one that bothered me the most.  “Do one thing every day that scares you”.  Spoken by the incredible Eleanor Roosevelt, I knew this quote HAD to be powerful, I just wasn’t seeing the power yet.  I tried applying this quote to different instances and occurrences in life, to see if it “fit”.  And then one day, it hit me.  Every time I found success in life, every time I achieved a goal, every time I made another dream come true, it had been immediately preceded by taking a huge risk.  In order to achieve something I hadn’t yet accomplished, I had to go to lengths I never dared to before.  I did something SCARY by taking those risks and delving into uncharted territory.

There was always a significant amount of fear when I did so; fear that I’d fail, fear that I’d be made fun of, fear that it wouldn’t go exactly as I envisioned, fear that it’d go FAR BETTER than I was prepared for.  And no matter what the outcome, I realized I always learned a valuable lesson.  The lesson became power and knowledge to use toward achieving my next goal.  The scariest moments were those that yielded the most powerful results.  I realized that if I had always stayed put, in a place where I knew I could “get by” and be comfortable, I would never be able to follow my passions and achieve true success.  I now embrace the thought of doing something each day that scares me.  But I now realize that it could mean any number of things- small to HUGE.  The main thing is to always keep challenging myself to be better, to progress forward, to meet new goals, and to be as happy as I can in my own skin every day.  Stepping out on a limb, where its scary, is the only place for that to happen.

Take time today to do something that scares you… take that risk, step out of your comfort zone even just a little bit.  Do that thing you’ve been thinking about for a few weeks but have been a bit too fearful to complete.  And then share. I’d love to hear your story.

Does that really work??

24 May

Lets talk fitness, people.  Lets talk about the tried and true way to keep your body healthy and fit: exercise.  That’s right, I said exercise.  Not to be confused (or substituted) with: Toning shoes or clothing, pills/powders/bars, Shakeweight, or other gimmicks that promise your Best Body EVER.  Nope,  none of those will do the trick. If all those claims were true, everyone would look perfect and I would be out of a job.   But still, every day people fall victim to countless gimmicks that claim to be easier than all the rest, with quicker results too!  It is the nature of our society to desire immediate gratification for the least amount of money and effort.  The quicker we can get something, the better.  Unfortunately, this quick-fix mindset is doing us no favors.  Gimmicks and fads may produce some miniscule change (as a result of simply doing something different), but it is never long-lasting or quality.  Anything worth having takes time and effort.

But don’t take my word for it.  Go ahead, look around… find the person in the gym who has the body you want….the person who is fit and strong, has plenty of energy, and appears confident in the way they carry themselves.  Ask that person what they do to keep themselves looking that way.  I guarantee you that their response will include both healthy eating and a serious workout regimen on a CONSISTENT basis.  They do the REAL stuff that works- running, squats, lunges, planks, dead lifts, presses, flys, etc.  They eat real, whole foods and steer clear of processed, preservative-laden junk.  They do the stuff thats been around forever, because it WORKS.  The stuff that takes more effort than just strapping on a pair of shoes to tone your booty, popping a pill or mixing a powder to suppress your appetite and prevent fat from entering your bloodstream, or using a “magic” piece of fitness equipment for 10 minutes per day.

Real effort produces real results.  So that means, if you want to achieve your goals and make your body a healthy, fit, strong, confident entity, you’re gonna have to do the work too.   Think about how much effort you put into other aspects of your life:  your job, your relationships, your home.  If you only showed up to work 2 days per week, what would happen?  You’d probably get fired, and you sure wouldn’t get that raise you hoped for.  What would happen if you only spoke with your significant other once a week for a few minutes?  Well, I bet that relationship would go nowhere fast.   The same applies to your fitness.  You can not expect to put in minimal effort and get maximal results, it just won’t happen.

So, figure out exactly what it is you WANT…write it down…and then DO the real work required to get it.  Get on the treadmill, hit the pavement, pick up a weight, get SWEATY!!!!  Achieving it this way will taste so much sweeter!


18 May

Hi all! I know i already posted a blog today, but I was just making my Bootcamp playlist for tonight and wanted to share a particular song that i put on the list

I HIGHLY recommend downloading it, its a great tune.  Its called  “Until the End” by Breaking Benjamin

Here’s the youtube  link incase you wanna check it out.

Let this song fuel your day and help you stay strong Until The End!!