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Half Marathon Training: week 7 recap

19 Sep

Week 7…ohhhhh, week 7. What a test of mental strength this was.  Isn’t 7 supposed to be a LUCKY number?! What happened, you ask?  Well I had to face the thing which I dread the most; the word that causes me to hang my head, shudder, and cringe all at the same time.  Yes: injury.  As you may know from my previous posts I’ve been nursing tendonitis in my left ankle for the duration of my half marathon training.  It had been so far, so good until I made a less-than-wise decision to wear high heels for two nights in a row last weekend while at my friend’s wedding. I knew heels were bad for me, but I decided there wasn’t much else I could do- can’t wear Nike’s with a dress, right?!  So, I wore the shoes and cut a rug at the wedding (had SO much fun dancing) but certainly paid the price on Monday morning 😦







Ok so that’s a bit of an exaggeration… I am definitely NOT in a cast…

I met with my friend/massage therapist/personal trainer/savior who was in shock and awe at how inflamed it was.  The look on her face said it all- this was bad, real bad.  She advised me NOT to run at all for the week except for my long run which was on Saturday.  I couldn’t believe it was that bad. I was heart-broken.  She suggested that I spin and do the ARC trainer for my cardio during the week, and thankfully I was also scheduled for massage on Thursday.  I followed her advice, and saw her Thurs for my treatment.  She is a miracle worker, and when I was done with the massage I got up, looked at my left ankle and exclaimed “I’M SKINNY AGAIN!”  The “egg” of inflammation in my leg was gone and I felt SO much better.  I shortened my long run from 11 miles to 8 miles on Saturday and ran it with a friend who kept me at a slower-than-usual, steady pace.  I was cautioned that I wasn’t totally out of the woods yet, and that it is still very touch and go.  I am making sure to ice, ice, ice and do everything I can to keep my ankle elevated.  This is easier said than done when your job requires you to be on your feet moving around 12+ hours per day.

Right now I am trying to get used to the idea that IF I am healthy enough to run this race, I’ll be doing it to finish instead of for time, as I originally planned.

I will admit, this got me pretty down but I am taking it one day at a time and trying to remember that everything happens for a reason… Have you ever had an injury that put a big wrench in your training plans?? What did you do to cope? I could use some suggestions!


Happy Spring

5 Apr

Its Hereeeee- Springtime!!!!!!!!!
Happy Spring to all of you!!  Can you believe its here?! The cold weather is behind us and soon we will see buds forming on the trees and tulips coming up from the ground; something truly magical happens.  A fresh breath of life; a chance to hit the “reset” button; rebirth of the Earth.
Spring has always been one of my favorite times to check in on how I’m progressing toward my goals for the year.  Its been a few months since New Years Day when you wrote out your hopes and goals and resolutions for 2011 with a gung-ho, “this-year-is-the-year” attitude.  But as we all have experienced sometime in our lives, the fire within can die down pretty quickly if you let it.  Without constantly adding logs to the fire;  without regularly checking in to make sure it gets enough oxygen to continue burning; without proper attention, your fire will die.
Take time this week to think about your goals for this year: are you taking all the neccessary steps toward achievement?  Do you need to reevaluate and refine your goals?  Do you need to throw some more logs of determination, energy, motivation, and focus into your fire?  This is the season for rebirth, so let it be a new beginning for you and your dreams for this year. The time is now-  BRING IT!!

It’s BAAAA-AAAAACK (and better than ever)!!! I am thrilled to announce my that my very own version of Bootcamp-  Badonkadonk Bonanza- will be returning for the 2011 Season!!
Those of you who participated last year know that this is a no-joke workout that is SURE to bring you results!!  It will be a great 1hour group workout that will challenge your entire self.  Physically it will challenge your strength, endurance, flexibility and agility.  Mentally it will help you to push  past your comfort zone, break through your supposed limits, and achieve goals and expectations…it’ll make you dig DEEP to bring your BEST.  Most importantly- it will be FUN!  Your fellow Bootcampers will provide both motivation and a little competition to get you going in high gear!!  Show up once a week for an hour and BRING IT, and I promise to do the same.
Spots are limited and WILL fill up fast so email me at lucky13fitness@gmail.com to reserve your spot today! Come sweat it out with me!!!

What You’ll Get: Badonkadonk Bonanza- a 1hr per week Bootcamp-styled group fitness class that will get your BADONK tight and your life right, bi-weekly emails from ME to help keep you on track to meet your goals, the valuable motivation from your fellow bootcampers.
Where You’ll Get It: Nunziato Field, 22 Vinal Ave., Somerville, MA, 02143
When You’ll Get It: Sunday evenings 7-8pm starting May 8th
Cost: $25/session.  Pre-register for a month and SAVE $5 per session. Get 4 sessions for $80!!! Make the commitment and get results you DESERVE!
Lucky13Fitness Grows in 2011
Lucky13Fitness is expanding to include a weekly blog post of all things fitness and wellness related.  I will be covering topics such as working out, time management, my favorite foods, staying motivated, relationships, goal setting, as well as answering many of your questions!  I will also feature guest blog posts from other fitness and wellness professionals.
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I love to give credit and accolades where they are due, and this month I am shining the spotlight on 2 dear friends/clients for their amazing races:

Colleen Kapsimalis who recently completed her first Half Marathon!!!  Colleen trained for, and ran in the “Publix Georgia Marathon and Half Marathon”  in Atlanta on March 20th and KILLLLLLEDDDDD ITTT!!  Colleen’s success in her training routine is testament to her unwavering dedication to achieving her own goals.  Determined to improve her strength training regimen in preparation for her race, Colleen  came  to me for long-distance consulting and training.  Although I was able to encourage her over the phone, via emails, and written workouts, Colleen exhibited the discipline necessary to get in the gym and hit the pavement every day to train.  Colleen is an individual with dedication and heart; her positive attitude and outlook on life inspire me everday to BRING IT!  Congrats on your amazing achievement Colleen!!!

Kara Rossetti who absolutely kicked BADONK in the Hyannis Marathon Relay!  Kara did not let the bitter cold, sleet, snow, or whipping wind strip away an ounce of her raw energy on race day.  Kara ran the anchor leg for her relay team- 6 miles and finished STRONG!! Kara is a wonderful person to train because no matter how busy life is for her- and it can get VERY demanding as a Physican’s Assistant student- she brings 100% focus and effort to every single training session.  Kara never makes excuses and always expects the best performance of herself in her training.  Focus= success, and Kara is a walking example of that! Congrats girl!!

If you’ve wanted to try spin, or if you’re looking to change up your workout routine, NOW is the time.  Paige Crowther is a colleague, friend, and STELLLLLAR spin instructor!! Don’t let her small stature fool you- this girl can motivate an entire room full of spinners to Sweat like never before.   Sign up for Paige’s “Back to Basics Intro to Spin” class where you’ll learn everything you need to know! This class is held on the 1st Saturday of every month at Beacon Hill Athletic Club and is open to members and non-members!!  Paige also teaches regularly at Beacon Hill Athletic Clubs:  Monday and Thursday at 7:30pm in Brighton Center, and Saturdays at 11:00am in Brookline Village.    Check the online schedule for details at http://www.beaconhillathleticclubs.com/clubs-brighton-center.php  Or email Paige directly- paige.crowther@gmail.com

Whether you like the energetic environment of a group fitness class, the helpful motivation of working out with a friend or two, or the individualized attention of 1:1 training, I’ve got what works for you!  Let’s make 2011 your year- email me at lucky13fitness@gmail.com and lets get it startedddddd!!!!

Every newsletter I include music that helps to get my Badonk in motion during my workouts, and share it with you!  This month, I’m giving you my whole playlist!! These tracks are featured in my Bootcamp Bonanza at BHAC and also pump through my lil red ipod when I’m on the workout floor.  Download these tracks for some beats that are SURE to get you movinnnn!

All Fired Up- Tralala
Fuego- Bomba Estereo
Rolling in the Deep- Adele
Pump Up the Jam- Technotronic
Morning After Dark (feat. Nelly Furtado & SoShy)- Timbaland
DJ Got Us Fallin in Love (feat. Pitbull)- UsherI’m Goin Down- Bruce Springsteen
Let Me Go- 3 Doors Down

Enjoy the new season, and put some SPRING in your step!!!  😀

Persistence. Determination. DREAM IT, THEN DO IT!

Much love,

“To be your best, you gotta bring your best”