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11 Oct


“I had to work late”

“I forgot my sneakers at home”

“I’ve had the worst day”

“My gym buddy isn’t going, so I’m not going either”

“I’m tired”

“I don’t have time”

We’ve all uttered at least one of the above comments at some point.  I’ve heard each of these phrases as well as countless other variations as “reasons” not to work out, be active or eat healthy foods.  I use the word “Reason” in quotes on purpose.  These are not reasons, they are EXCUSES.  They are excuses that people give me and themselves so that they don’t feel guilty for not working out or hitting their daily goal.  I know this sounds very harsh but we all need to hear it from time to time.  A great majority of us need to be reminded that excuses don’t produce results; they don’t burn fat, they don’t increase lean muscle mass, they don’t make you stronger, faster, healthier or better in ANY way.  They do one thing and one thing only: excuses attempt to assuage guilt.  If we felt that there was no good reason to skip a workout or not achieve our daily goal, we would likely be racked with guilt.  However, if we can pin the blame on something (or someone) else, we no longer carry the guilt.  We can sit at home watching tv, or at the bar with our friends without feeling bad at all.

My challenge for you this week is simple.  Do NOT give in to excuses.  If you find yourself talking your way out of commitment to a goal or healthy habit, stop and refocus.  Remind yourself that excuses do not produce results.  Hard work and consistency are the keys to success.  Hold yourself accountable this week- make sure you push past the urge to create excuses- and see to it that you reach the Finish.  Nike was on to something when they created the slogan “Just Do It”.  Don’t let anything get in the way, don’t let anyone or anything else prevent you from reaching the goals you’ve set.  Plow through roadblocks and obstacles with tenacity and don’t stop until you’ve tasted success. NO EXCUSES.


Half Marathon Training: week 3 recap

22 Aug

When the novelty of something wears off, its a whole new ballgame.  Thats what I learned during week 3 of training for my first half marathon.  Weeks 1 & 2 of training for the Smuttynose Rockfest were exciting, new, and fun.  I was all amped up to stick to the training regimen, get new shoes, and log some miles!  Although I was traveling and had to shuffle around my training schedule, I didn’t have much issue.  Week 3, though, was a bit different.

I was NOT out of town as much but I was BUSY! Work and life take up a lot of hours, and making sure to block out training time each day was a huge challenge.  The novelty of it all had worn off, and I felt it start to become a chore.  I did not like this feeling at ALL.  I started thinking about some of my clients- plenty of folks in the past have told me that exercise is such a chore for them and they dread it.  My response had always been a combination of disbelief and inability to comprehend such a thing.  However, this past week I was in the same boat.  I was having some issues with my new sneakers and couldn’t decide if they were helping or hindering my runs.  I decided to do a little test- I did a 4mile run with the Newtons and another 4 mile run with my old Nike Free’s.  In the end, the Newtons ended up winning by a long shot.  It will take a few weeks for me to fully adjust to new sneakers but I now have the hard evidence that my new shoes make me feel better during and after my runs.

On Sunday, I decided against running a 5k as my training program suggested, and instead I went to the Newton North High School track and did a speed workout.  I warmed up with a half mile run, then did a “ladder”:

100m, 200m, 300m, 400m, 300m, 200m, 100m

and I ended with running another mile.  Man, it was HUMBLING.  My legs were screaming by the end; talk about lactic acid buildup!  I finished just as the rain started to fall, and though it was a huge challenge, I felt very accomplished in the end. 


Newton North High School Track

Though the novelty has worn off, and the training program has started becoming a bit more challenging, I am determined to stay focused and reach my goal of completing this half marathon as BEST I can.  Quitting is NOT an option.  Sulking and whining about what I have to do is NOT an option.  Going through the motions and training in a half-assed manner is NOT an option.  I promise myself to put in 150% whenever I train, and I know it will pay off when race day comes. 

 I’m learning to take my own words to heart: when it stops being fun, thats when the work happens!!!