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Protein packed yummy lunch

9 Nov

This is one of my favorite meals….today I had it for lunch, but I’ve often had it as breakfast!  Heck, it could be dinner too!  To the rest of the world, this meal could be classified as an omelette, but I feel as though it makes this yummy dish sound so hum-drum and plain.   I don’t have a name for it (any suggestions?!?!) but here is the version I made today….

I started by chopping and sauteing organic baby spinach, organic red bell pepper, organic basil & cherry tomatoes

Next I added some chopped asparagus (left over from the other day), 4 egg whites, and Italian Seasoning

I cooked it and broke it up into pieces (okay, I tried to flip it, and it broke!)

I plated it and topped it with slices of fresh avocado & a little more Italian Seasoning

It was quite a delish lunch…. Best of all, you can play around with which veggies you add!  Try it out and let me know what you think!