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Good or BEST?

11 May


I read a quote this morning by Steven Covey [you know- the author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People] and the last line of it REALLY REALLY struck me.  Here’s the quote:

“You have to decide what your highest priorities are and have the courage – pleasantly, smilingly, nonapologetically – to say ‘no’ to other things. And the way to do that is by having a bigger ‘yes’ burning inside. The enemy of the ‘best’ is often the ‘good.’

 I read the last line over and over: The enemy of the “best” is often the “good.”  and realized how absolutely true it is.  I can’t tell you how many times I have encountered people who are satisfied with being just “good.”  They have come to terms with the (false) belief that they can’t feel their “best”, so they convince themselves that settling for the “good” is okay.  This kind of defeatist attitude is more prevalent than you’d first guess.  Take a minute and think about how many people you encounter that respond to the question “How are you today” with “I’m excellent” or “I feel fabulous” or even “Best I’ve felt in years” 9 times out of 10.  Not many!!!!  Okay, okay it might be a bit cheesy to respond like that but you know what I mean.  Most people have an automatic hum-drum response that indicates they aren’t great but that “good enough” will do.

WAY too many people are okay with being less than their best. WAY too many people are okay with just getting by and being good enough.  WAY too many people are letting days slip by that they will never get back and will never have a chance to re-live.  WAY too many people will go through their entire lifetime in a dysthymic [that’s the clinician in me coming out!] state; never experiencing the full sense of being happy.

  This is really scary to me because if YOU don’t believe that you can be your best, how can you expect anyone else to truly believe it?! I’m not saying you need to wake up every day and have your BEST workout or get a PR.  You don’t need to eat absolutely 100% clean each and every single day.  You definitely do not need to go through life mistake and worry free.  $h!t happens, I sure know that; we are all human and nobody can be their BEST every day.  But we all have to try & reach to FEEL our best every day when we get out of bed.  Waking up and starting anew with a positive mental attitude is what separates the champions from the people who never see the play-offs.  Having the skill to do something is half the battle, but having the focus, drive & mental determination  is what makes goals happen.  Believing that you CAN achieve what you want is going to keep you in the game long after your body thinks its time to give up.

Have you been settling for being “good”?? Or are you someone who is after being the BEST you can be every day??  As we say here at Lucky13Fitness: To BE your best, you gotta BRING your best!!!

Have an AWESOME Friday, everyone!!!!!!


Fuel for your FIRE

12 Apr

All too often, I talk with clients, family, and friends about their hard work and determination in the gym only to see them undo all the efforts with improper and unhealthy eating habits.  Eating too much, too little, or eating foods that don’t benefit the body are all huge roadblocks on the path to getting fit.  It frustrates me to see people I care about push themselves so hard in their workouts, giving 100% in an effort to achieve their goals, but they don’t give their body the respect it deserves when it comes to proper nutrition.

I could sugar coat things (no pun intended) but I’ll get right to the point.  The bottom line is this: you ARE what you eat, period.  That old saying wasn’t created for no reason.  If you choose to put unhealthy, chemical-laden, fake, processed foods into your body, don’t be surprised when you feel sluggish, tired, weighed down, and unable to perform the challenges life brings your way.  If you don’t put enough food into your body, don’t be surprised when you feel like you want to wave the white flag at 3pm; you’re out of energy and the day isn’t even half over.  Finally, if you choose to put vitamin and mineral rich, nutrient dense, whole, natural, REAL foods in your body, don’t be surprised when you feel energetic, vibrant, and satisfied throughout the day.  You’re on your A-game and ready to BRING IT!

Eating healthy, natural, whole foods is beneficial in countless ways…for example: your hair and skin will glow and look healthier, your mood will be better, you’ll have increased energy all day long, you’ll feel less sluggish.  Not to mention, you’ll be reducing risk for heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and loads of other diseases/illnesses.  You also will be complimenting all of the hard work put in at the gym, on the field, track, pavement, or wherever your workouts happen.  Healthy eating gives your body the proper fuel it needs to get the best, most efficient workouts possible.

So if this is the case- if it’s so beneficial to eat whole, natural, healthy foods & so harmful to eat processed, fake, unhealthy foods – then why are we all guilty of eating the “bad stuff”? # 1 Reason: Time.  Time  is a coveted thing, nobody has enough of it and we’re always looking to save as much time as possible.  Hence, we always reach for what’s easy and convenient; unfortunately, most of the time those items are unhealthy.  Its far more convenient and time efficient to swing by the Wendy’s drive through for a bite than to think ahead and prepare lunch the night before.  Its far less of a hassle to grab a cereal bar or Pop Tarts on our way out the door than to wake up 10 minutes earlier and have oatmeal, eggs, fruit, or yogurt.

#2 Reason:  When foods are pumped full of chemicals, sugars, artificial flavors and colors, fried batter, or fat, they tend to taste good and we want more and more.  Our bodies metabolize and break down the foods and we become hungry more quickly.  There are no nutrients to feed the body, so it sends a signal to the brain saying “hey, I need more food!”.  And if we continue to eat the “bad stuff”, the cycle continues.  The body is perpetually in need of nutrients that it can’t get, no matter how much more food it asks for.

So HOW can we avoid getting caught in the trap?!  How can we make sure to fuel our bodies right so that we can expect them to function properly?  We can do so by implementing the same strategies we do for all other areas of life: planning and determination.  Planning meals ahead of time helps avoid grab-and-go fast food choices.  It also gives us the opportunity to make sure that our diet is balanced & that we’re getting proper nutrition.  Determination is imperative in instances where we’re tempted to make an unhealthy food choice; perhaps when in a social setting or at a restaurant.  Determination to stick with healthy and nutritious food choices will keep us on track to success and positive change.

Healthy eating is more than half the battle when it comes to meeting your wellness/fitness goals.  If you make the time and effort to give 100% in the gym, be sure to give your body the same respect when you’re outside the gym.  You are what you eat, so make smart choices that benefit your body and keep you BEING YOUR BEST!!!!

What are some of your favorite healthy foods/recipes?  I’ll be sharing mine in the next post!