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Running Etiquette…does it still exist?!

21 Sep

My 7 weeks (and counting) of half marathon training have caused me to spend a lot of time running outside.  I’ve run around my neighborhood to the surrounding towns, through woodsy running trails; you name it, I’ve run it.  In almost every atmosphere I have encountered other runners who I pass along my way.  It has become habit for me- after taking up running as a hobby & competitive sport about 15 years ago- to acknowledge those fellow runners when they pass by.  Whether its a smile, nod, quick wave, or even “good morning”; I always pay a bit of attention.

I call this running etiquette- a little camaraderie of sorts between people who share the love (or love/hate) of running.  A little pick-me-up and support at mile 10 to show that you’re not alone in your efforts.  I recall countless days of cross country and track practice which took me through the winding streets of my hometown.  I’d pass folks left and right and almost every time we exchanged a friendly smile or nod.  Even when away on vacation, I steal some time to explore the new area by way of a long run and the same thing happens.  Two runners pass, and a greeting is exchanged.  But it seems to have disappeared lately!

On almost every run I have done for my half marathon training, I get snubbed by others when we pass each other on the road.  I’ll smile, nod, or wave and I don’t even get any eye contact in return!  At first I thought it was a fluke- that I must’ve passed someone who got up on the wrong side of the bed- and that the next person surely would smile.  But that wasn’t the case; person after person and still nothing!  I can count on one hand the times where I did get acknowledgement in return.  It disappoints me that people have forgotten about running etiquette.  Its so much more pleasant when two otherwise strangers are able to connect for a split second and offer some mutual encouragement.  Isn’t that human nature?

I’m curious to know what you think: do you believe in running etiquette? Do you give a little wave or smile when you pass a fellow runner?


Energy Vampires- are they sucking the life out of you??

24 Aug

A few months back I attended a fitness conference and had the privilege of hearing Todd Durkin speak.  He was loud, chock full o’ energy and though he spoke at the tail end of the day, he captivated the entire audience.  One thing about his speech that really stuck with me was the term “energy vampires”.  Todd explained that an energy vampire is a person who is negative, defeatist, fatalistic, and sucks all the motivation and positive energy out of you.  In short, an energy vampire is a Debbie Downer.  Being in the presence of an energy vampire takes so much WORK.  You have to constantly remind yourself that the world is not as crappy as they make it seem, and that life CAN be rewarding and enriching.  Todd implored us to rid our lives of energy vampires; they are a detriment to a healthy lifestyle.  I was very intrigued by Todd’s speech and have been thinking about this topic a lot since.

Scary Energy Vampire!


He is SO right!!  When I stopped and took a mental inventory of all the folks with whom I interact on a daily basis, I realized there were some energy vampires in the mix.  I decided to do a little research project of my own.  For the next week or two, I made note of the times I hung out with those who I had previously labeled to be energy vampires.  Then I made note of my mood and attitude before, during, and after my interactions.  There was a definite pattern: my mood always went sour and my level of motivation and energy decreased significantly after hanging out with these folks!!!  Sometimes, I even started to feel crummy beforehand, when I knew I would be interacting with them later in the day.  It really astounded me when I paid attention to it.  It affected everything from the way I treated friends and family in the hours immediately following, to what food/drink I chose to consume, to the level of energy I had for the rest of the day.

I also found the opposite to be true: when I interacted with positive-minded people who have an upbeat and motivated outlook on life, I was more apt to follow suit.  Happiness, positive energy, good vibes, and motivation are contagious; hang out with people who are chock full o’ these things and you will be too.   I am most at ease and comfortable when I’m around other people who share my passion for fitness, healthy eating, and living well.  It makes me happy to know that there are other folks out there who find pleasure in the same things as I. 

As for the energy vampires in my life- I try every day to follow Todd’s advice of getting rid of as many as possible.  I just simply choose NOT to hang out with folks like this.  Now, don’t get me wrong, sometimes the energy vampires are unavoidable; I make sure to mentally prepare myself beforehand, and hang out with positive people afterward!