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Faith, not fear.

7 Oct


Yesterday was a big day for me.  It was my birthday, my 30th birthday to be exact.  I celebrated another year of life and entered into a brand new DECADE!  I gotta be honest, the days and weeks leading up to my birthday were more overwhelming than the actual event.  My friends and family made sure to remind me that I was “getting old soon” and lovingly referred to me as Nana, Old Lady, and Grandma.  But swallowing the “30 Pill” was actually a pleasant event.  The same friends who poked fun at my old lady status were also the same friends who went out of their way to make my birthday an unforgettable event that I will cherish forever.  The amount of thought, time, and effort that went into executing an evening full of laughs did not go unappreciated or unnoticed.  Each gift, card, and treat was absolutely chosen with me in mind.  From the organic cupcakes, to the cards about kitties, exercise, and poop (yes i get a kick out of talking about poop),  the Shake Weight, and the Mexican Themed gift that completed my New Years resolution trifecta….it all was perfect.  I drove home and thought about how lucky I am to have so many wonderful people in my life.  I am truly a blessed person.

And I honestly feel GREAT about being 30.  With a half marathon freshly under my belt and plans for a triathlon and marathon in 2012, I have never felt more fit.  I am able to wake up every day, look in the mirror and truly feel happy about where I am in life.  As I reflect back on my 20’s, I see all the growth I did as a person.  It was a decade of discovery; I discovered who I was, who I valued and wanted around in my life, what I wanted as a career, and I solidified my beliefs and values.  I discovered parts of myself that had been dormant for the first two decades of my life.  I developed relationships with people who would prove to be the best friends of my life.  Discovery, however, also included disaster!  I made mistakes, made choices that hurt myself and those that I love, and lost significant people in my life.  The most profound and life changing lessons I learned happened through these mistakes.  It is only now, looking back on it all, that I realize the enormous value these experiences had on my life and development as an adult.

After all my reflecting and thinking about my life up until this point as well as my future from this day forward, I can boil it down to one phrase: Faith not fear.  I must never be afraid to act, I must never be afraid to make a mistake.  Fear is my worst enemy and will be the only thing that holds me back from achieving all the hopes and dreams I have for myself.  If I keep the phrase “Faith, not fear”  in mind as often as possible, I know that my next 30 years will be even more fruitful and rewarding than the first.  I will take chances, make decisions and do things that will take me far beyond my wildest dreams.  I know from experience that mistakes happen and they are some of life’s greatest lessons.  Instead of holding back for fear of making a mistake, I will act  and welcome the possibility of any outcome.   I look forward to each and every new experience of my 30’s.  BRING IT ON!!!


change is the only constant

6 Jun

“step out of your comfort zone”

“do one thing every day that scares you”

“change is the only constant”

If you know me, have read my previous blogs, view my Facebook page, or even have had an in-depth conversation with me, you’ll know that I LOVE QUOTES.  Motivational, inspirational, make-you-think-about-life kind of quotes.  There have been some pretty incredible things said by people who have walked this Earth.  There have been women and men who have summed their life experiences into a few powerful snippets of advice.   And when I hear a snippet that moves me, that rattles my soul, I always save it and write it down.

The 3 quotes that I used to start this post are quotes that I have run into over and over again in life. They have appeared everywhere, time and time again.  At first I wasn’t as captivated by these words as I was with other quotes.  They didn’t strike me as words to live by.  I sort of thought- well why change something if what you’re doing is working?  Why do something SCARY every day?? I’m afraid of spiders, family and friends getting sick, and car accidents.  I want to stay as FAR away from all those things as possible!  How can change be the only constant? Don’t people figure things out and then keep on keepin’ on??   This was my initial reaction to reading these quotes.

As the days of my life journey have unfolded and I have been blessed with more and more experiences and opportunities in life, I found myself going back and thinking about one quote in particular- the one that bothered me the most.  “Do one thing every day that scares you”.  Spoken by the incredible Eleanor Roosevelt, I knew this quote HAD to be powerful, I just wasn’t seeing the power yet.  I tried applying this quote to different instances and occurrences in life, to see if it “fit”.  And then one day, it hit me.  Every time I found success in life, every time I achieved a goal, every time I made another dream come true, it had been immediately preceded by taking a huge risk.  In order to achieve something I hadn’t yet accomplished, I had to go to lengths I never dared to before.  I did something SCARY by taking those risks and delving into uncharted territory.

There was always a significant amount of fear when I did so; fear that I’d fail, fear that I’d be made fun of, fear that it wouldn’t go exactly as I envisioned, fear that it’d go FAR BETTER than I was prepared for.  And no matter what the outcome, I realized I always learned a valuable lesson.  The lesson became power and knowledge to use toward achieving my next goal.  The scariest moments were those that yielded the most powerful results.  I realized that if I had always stayed put, in a place where I knew I could “get by” and be comfortable, I would never be able to follow my passions and achieve true success.  I now embrace the thought of doing something each day that scares me.  But I now realize that it could mean any number of things- small to HUGE.  The main thing is to always keep challenging myself to be better, to progress forward, to meet new goals, and to be as happy as I can in my own skin every day.  Stepping out on a limb, where its scary, is the only place for that to happen.

Take time today to do something that scares you… take that risk, step out of your comfort zone even just a little bit.  Do that thing you’ve been thinking about for a few weeks but have been a bit too fearful to complete.  And then share. I’d love to hear your story.